Ancient Ferry

Disgorging gorgeous gorge walkers.

It’s a proper old rust bucket and long may she serve us.

Very hot and airless down here in Crete.


An to Petyxeis

Tiny little place in a tiny little Cretan mountain village with food to totally die for. First they bring you oil with a few drops of lemon and olives to dip bread in. We had caltsounia, cretan fried pies with fresh herbs, greens and courgette flowers. A salad of unbelievably fresh veg and fresh sheep’s cheese. Chips that were fat and crisp with tzatziki so thick it was almost cheese.

And embarrassingly cheap. You couldn’t get Heston to make food as good.

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Perhaps the other thread is getting a bit long. I dont have time to post properly at the moment due to work commitments… AGAIN. But if peopke want to chat about the guardian… life.. food and kittens.. please do!

Im just going to have a wee whinge about samsung android tablets… FUCK YOU! I so wish I’d bought an iPad… fuckers. My tablet is seriously shit and I paid jolly good money for it.