Spicy Mung Bean Salad

Very refreshing and filling for a hot summer day


I like mung beans because they have a lovely green and earthy flavour that goes well with lots of herbs and spices. They’re also light but filling. I made this salad to use up lots of odds and sods in the fridge. Hence the lettuce. I’d be tempted some other time to add some fresh coriander and spearmint to this. I think that would work well here too. This has quite a kick to it so reduce chillies if you’re not a fire fiend like me.

I used Sharwood’s Madras curry powder because it’s easy for using in salads. Any Greeks reading this, please dont use the generic curry powder available in supermarkets here. It’s cack. Either find something like Sharwoods (available in Thanopoulos in Kifissia usually) or go to one of the many Pakistani or Bengali shops in the centre. Those shops are also brilliant for buying basmati rice at half the price, getting tins of kidney beans or chick peas, dried red lentils and mung beans, and great frozen felafel.

mung bean salad

200g of mung bean soaked overnight and cooked

1 small onion sliced finely in half moons

a thumb sized piece of ginger grated

a clove of garlic grated

4 small green chillies deseeded and finely chopped

2 small red chillies deseeded and finely chopped

1 tsp of Madras curry powder

a good handful of chopped flatleaf parsley

4 cos lettuce leaves finely shredded

the juice and zest of half a large lemon

a good couple of glugs of evo oil

a little sea salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and chill for a bit before serving. Serve with toasted arabic pitta bread and ice cold beer.



  1. If this keeps up, I am going to come down to Athens just to hire you to cook for two days. Or something.
    Actually, lovely recipe, and I see we share an admiration for Sharwood’s. If you don’t make your own, theirs is really the best curry powder going, in my opinion.

    I’ve been thinking nefarious thoughts. Even without recipes, I might manage to come down to Athens and haunt the place. But that is next year, at the earliest, if at all. I would warn you so that you can make a decent get-away……



    1. Not that I know, but names for things like lettuce get damned confusing. Varieties of lettuce etc. seem to have different names within one and the same language.
      Cos lettuce is new to me – is there an abbreviation there?

      And, yes, is that romaine? Certainly (thank goodness) not ‘iceberg’ lettuce (that is the light green variety that tastes appropriately mostly of water…).



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