Cloud on Omalos

As we arrived in Omalos on the bus yesterday a big cloud just settled on the White Mountains. A bit of a freak weather phenomenon for August.  It was rather Translyvannia freaky deaky.



  1. Watch out for vampires. If some older gent wearing a cape introduces himself with a thick Hungarian accent, asking you to dinner at his castle, …. you know what to do.

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    1. Have just found this. Have gone through the wardrobe. What do I do? I’m not sure how to fit into the conversation
      So many questions. Eg, how is your knee, Kiz? I had no idea there was a dark underworld below the line so am one of the mast to get on the team.



      1. yep.. theyre not massively high but they do get snow in winter. Greece gets a lot of snow on tbe mainland especially as it has lots of mountains.. we have ski rexorts in the north. And big islands like Evia and Crete get snow high up.
        The islands dont get snow but do get battered by winds and rain. Wjnters can be tough in many parts of Greece. only us softee city Athenians get it easy as Athens is very temperate

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