The little boat that could.

We took a little boat trip to a fab beach with an ancient temple to Asklipios and a glorious little beach. Our captain was a lovely Rumanian fella. We had a bit of a Mexican stand off when it came to letting us off at the tiny pier because a local crusty old sea dog didn’t want to move his boat out of our way.

He did eventually.

It was too hot to walk there and knee is a bit gippy. So it was nice to sit on a little boat and be all nautical.



      1. That would be a great job…I’ve always loved the little tugboats that work so hard on the coastline, pushing huge loads of logs and barges and big ships around.

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  1. Sounds (and looks) like a dream job! But I wonder…. the local fellow, was he just a curmudgeon or did he resent the Romanian captain? I hope just a curmudgeon.

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    1. A curmudgeon and messing with the guy because he’s Rumanian and because he’s jealous of the Rumanian’s boss .. a fellow villager who gets more customers and who just bought another boat.. a faster one for longer trips.. which is why crusty old gnarly handed Rumanian now dies the short trips in the pretty little kaiki.



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