Up mountains.

The byzantine one has some lovely restored frescoes I want to see. But I need to go beg a villager to let us in.



  1. Stunning countryside and I can understand your passion for Crete. Considering that in milage it is not so far from me, the annoying thing is it means going south to go north to go south again to get there! Nothing direct. :((



      1. Yes, thanks for the suggestion… Since I booked to Tbilisi with Wataniya, Aegean now fly to Kuwait, though not daily. Hopefully with Wataniya (a Kuwaiti airline) restarting operations and with Aegean expanding hopefully there will be more possibilities from Q8. Am much minded to think of Athens end of November/first days of December for the next visa run I will need 72 hours for (to abide by Q8 rules). Out of season hotels might be not so full and I do want to visit the Benaki.

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  2. Indeed Kiz… I dare say I’ll book when I get back from Georgia, I dare say Aegean will be cheaper Nov/Dec in any case once the height of summer is over. It would be nice to break some bread and wine with you. We have had here in Kuwait a few scholars and curators from the Benaki give lectures and loan objects, so it would be great to visit there myself.



  3. I know it’s all in the mind but…that middle picture?, are you sure?…on a sensible note, more pictures of sunshine please, as someone having to think about flood defences : (



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